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Homecoming Concert

By Guzel Tuhbatullina

Homecoming at Waldorf is a huge event and everyone is excited about it including our music department. This fall they prepared something special and promising for it to be phenomenal.

Cory Schmitt, an adjunct trumpet professor and assistant director of wind symphony. He started teaching at Waldorf this fall.

“We are playing a four-movement work entitled “Simple gifts” by Frank Ticheli. I think that piece shows an ensemble in a really fantastic way. It gives a lot of movable expressions and soloistic moments. It just really captures a beautiful sound of the ensemble,” Schmitt said.

Homecoming concert is going to take place this Saturday, Oct 17th, in the Immanual Lutheran church at 7 o’clock. It is going to feature the wind symphony as well as a choir concert. The songs that are going to be performed are spiritual and all sung in English.

“I think students are prepared and very anxious and ready to play a fantastic concert for the community. It’s exciting to work with them every day. I really enjoy it. We are very excited to share our music with everyone,” Schmitt added.

“I’m excited because the concert is going to happen in The Lutheran church. I’ve never experienced signing in church so that is very exhilarating,” said Lidia Pifas, a freshman member of Waldorf Choir.

The band and choir practice 5 days a week. They have been working on this music since the beginning of the semester.

“I think we are very ready and prepared to show this music. It is like we have this idea we’ve been holding inside and we want to express it out now,” Schmitt said. “We can’t wait to start working on a new music for the upcoming concerts that are going to happen on Dec 1,2 and 3,” Schmitt added.