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History Club Leaves a Legacy

A meeting of the Waldorf History Club in the Waldorf University Big Pit

By Austin Siegal

The Waldorf History Club has been a staple on the Waldorf University campus for as long as anyone can remember.

Around four years ago, Professor Kevin Mason took over as advisor of the club and wasted no time in reforming its structure. He appointed senior history, Dallas Knoop, as the club president. Knoop selected Peter Neil of the Warrior football team as his vice president.

“The structure of our club has changed quite a bit over the time I’ve spent here,” said Neil. “Now, a typical session consists of a theme night such as conspiracy theory night, and we also have movie nights every other week.”

On Feb. 3, the club held a conspiracy theory night. The meeting began with an arts and crafts session. Club members crafted tinfoil hats so the “government would not be able to hear them” and their theories. Then, each member stood in front of the group and presented a theory. The conspiracies ranged from how birds are not real, to the NFL being rigged and how the world as we know it is a simulation.

The Waldorf History Club meets on Monday nights in the small pit at 7 p.m. Coming up, the club will be attending a showing of the film 1917 at the Forest City Theatre.