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Grand opening of the new Fine Arts building October 15

The new Performong Arts Center’s grand opening is on Oct. 15, 2018.

By: Jarod McKee

The Waldorf and Forest City community have big news coming on October 15. The Bowman Family Fine Arts Center will be opening up for the first time at 7 p.m. This new fine arts center building is located on the intersection of West 1 st. and John K. Hansen Dr.

The Bowman Family Fine Arts Center will have more room, lights, and a better stage. Noah Johnson, a fine arts major, has had the chance to take a sneak peak inside the building. “What’s nice about this new building is that is that the stage is a Proscenium style stage, and a section of that stage can be taken out and used as a pit,” said Noah. “There will also be over 200 theater lights, with 10% of them being LED’s.”

The fine arts department at Waldorf has been collecting money for around 10 years to afford this big project.

This building is not only accessible to Waldorf, but the Forest City High School and the community theater will be using this building as well. “Even though musicals are the only thing that Waldorf Fine Arts Department will be having in the new building, there will be other Waldorf activities that will happen at this building as well,” said Ashlea Jenkins, Fine Arts and Theatre major.

Overall, the community is going to benefit greatly from the new addition to the fine arts culture of Forest City.