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Get to know the Warrior Crossing staff…say hi to Lisa Siddell

Lisa Siddell organizing dressing packets. Photo by Darien Walsh.

Lisa Siddell organizing dressing packets. Photo by Darien Walsh.

By Darien Walsh

The Warrior Crossing is a favorite place on campus for students and faculty alike to grab a quick snack or have a brewed coffee. Almost everybody on campus has visited the Crossing, but not everybody knows the faces who work there.

The supervisor at the Warrior Crossing, Lisa Siddell, is always a familiar face found behind the counter.

As the supervisor, Siddell does many jobs. Not only does she supervise work-study students, she opens the crossing each morning, places all the stock orders, hires the students, and works behind the counter. This is the first year she’s been the supervisor, but Siddell has worked for the University before.

The most difficult part of Siddell’s job is dealing with work-study students that show up late for work.

“Sometimes students show up late,” said Siddell. “Sometime’s they show up really late, and repeatedly do so, or they don’t show up at all. It’s frustrating.”

Despite some students’ lack of work responsibility, Siddell’s favorite part about being supervisor is definitely the students she gets to work with and see every day.

Junior Kiya Meinecke works part-time under Siddell in the crossing.

“It’s nice, and she’s someone to talk to,” said Meinecke. “She’s an open ear, and very honest. She’s pretty awesome. She’s a boss and a friend.”

“The students are my favorite part,” said Siddell. “It’s really nice. I really get to know them.”

When Siddell isn’t working at Waldorf, she’s spending time with her kids and taking care of her farm.