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Geelan Set to Leave Waldorf

Brett poses for the camera in his referee shirt before an intramural basketball game last November. (via Brett Geelan/Intramurals Facebook page)

By: Zach Throne

Brett Geelan resigned on March 30 from the Waldorf University after eight years of serving the institution.

He has served multiple roles for the school: Intramurals, Recreation, Transportation, CIC desk and Student Mailroom directors.

Geelan is not going far, though. He has decided to stay in the town of Forest City with his wife, Amanda, and son, Ryan.

He accepted a position with the Forest City Parks and Recreation as recreational program director. This means he will direct and lead all programs including baseball, softball, tee ball and basketball. He will also help with the Aquatic Center and try to develop more programs catered to the community’s needs.

He says that he based his decision purely upon the opportunity to put his family in the best position possible while using his degree in Sports Management to the best of his ability. He only has good things to say about Waldorf.

“I have thoroughly loved my time here at Waldorf over these eight years,” says Geelan, “It was one of the toughest decisions I have ever had to make to leave this place.”

Geelan’s role as Recreation director has allowed him to meet people and go places that he never would have had the opportunity to without this job. His Intramurals position let him meet countless students through the sports leagues provided. These sports included basketball, flag football, kickball, bowling, volleyball, dodgeball, ping pong and pool.

“Brett will be missed, especially by us Intramurals workers,” says Intramurals referee Trevor Gunderson. “He is a guy that you can have fun with, or relate to and still get work done at the same time.”

As Transportation director, he drove students (usually those who do not have a vehicle) to and from various places in town. His most requested destination: Athletico, for student athlete rehab.

“It has been an absolute blessing to work here, and without this job, I would not have gotten this next opportunity,” says Geelan, “I am going to miss interacting with the students every day.”

The Geelan family seems ready for this new chapter in their life. “My wife and son know that it will be a transition with varied hours, but the benefits far outweigh the changes.”