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Fans Support Warrior Hockey with Skate with the Warriors

Mitchell Keeran (right) with Rachel Dreeszen (left) at Skate With the Warriors. Photo by Shannon Clark

By: Shannon Clark

Fans, students and alumni came to support the Waldorf Warriors and skate with friends on Saturday, Feb. 3. Saturday night’s hockey game held disappointment for some, but Skate With the Warriors created smiles after the tough loss.

The 5-2 loss to Saint Thomas had an impact on the crowd. “I thought that the game didn’t have a lot of hype to it. The players just didn’t seem like they were in it to the end,” Waldorf University alumnus Cassidy Warson said.

While the loss played a role in the crowd’s attitude during the game, the after-effects were impalpable. “A Warrior win would have made skating with the Warriors better. Regardless, it was a good event with support from students and faculty,” Waldorf student Mitchell Keeran said.

Win or lose, skating with the Warriors brings the Waldorf community together. “My favorite part was the look on the peoples’ faces when they were skating. Everyone seemed to be smiling,” Keeran said. “It was nice to see everyone at Waldorf coming together even after the loss.”

State With the Warriors is a chance for current students and alumni to come together. “It was good to see the graduated people such as Adam Brinkman, because we don’t get to see them a lot, since they are working in the real world now,” Warson said.

Skaters with all levels of experience are welcome at Skate With the Warriors. “I think people should come to this event, because it’s just a fun experience,” Keeran said. “It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever stated; it’s just a good time for everyone to share happiness together.”

This year was the first time Skate With the Warriors has used a Snapchat geofilter. “The snapchat filter was very well created, and I thought that the design really worked with the hockey player being included in it,”¬†Warson said. Also, I liked how the Waldorf colors were incorporated in the lettering.

Overall, Skate With the Warriors created memories for several individuals. “You can make some memories at the event. I wasn’t even skating, and I can look back at that from the broadcast journalism footage I got and see memories with my girlfriend and hockey players,” Keeran said. “It’s just a fun moment shared by everyone.”

Keeran prepared a broadcast journalism piece coving Skate With the Warriors that will air on WalTV, Channel 55.