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Esports ends of first half of season

New Esports teammate, Zach Waldorf, playing Valorant

By Tyler Lindsay

The Esports season, seeing some ups and downs while the Warriors perservered through difficult challenges, is now wrapped up.

Even though the Warriors just ended their first half of the season not winning a game, they have seen major improvements with individuals and also on the team level.

“It feels good,” Coach Basta said. “We really came together as a team and we look forward to building on what we accomplished this semester.” 

“I feel that we learned a lot as a team in understanding team compositions, and we made great strides in our communication skills and synergies,” said team captain Xavier Patterson.

“With this being our first season as an official varsity team, there were some growing pains we all had to face, and I think we did good to overcome them,” Patterson continued.

With the second half of the season just on the horizon, the team has some big expectations for this. The team has been practicing many hours around the clock for about 5-6 days a week.

“We really saw a lot of improvement from the beginning of the season,” Basta said. “A lot of individual and team improvement and we look forward to taking more steps to improve as the year progresses.”

Xavier Patterson was excited looking forward to the next half of the season.

“I think we still have steps to go yet, but we are making great progress,” Patterson said. “We will be going up against bigger schools moving forward, and it should be really exciting to see what the rest of the season holds.”

Along with the end of this first half of the season, Basta has his sights set for the future of this program with new faces starting to show up in the Esports program.

“We’re looking at a wide range of talent for this upcoming year from multiple areas” Basta said. “Currently we have three students from Iowa committed for next year, as well as one student from California. We’re looking at recruiting heavily for Overwatch, as well as other first person shooters.”

With time pressing on, only the future will tell how well this program can exceed its own expectations.