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Ellingboe Requiem a gift for the audience

Mr. Robison directs rehearsal for the Ellingboe Requiem performance.

Mr. Robison directs rehearsal for the Ellingboe Requieme performance.

By Nathan Taylor

The Waldorf Choir and Schola Cantorum will return to the stage on March 19 with a gift for the audience. The Waldorf Choir, which has performed the Faure Requiem and the Mass in G over the last two years, will once again perform a major movement. The Ellingboe Requiem will be the first major piece the Waldorf Choir will sing under the new director, Brett Robison.

Robison was a student of Ellingboe, and has conducted this piece with multiple choirs. So far, he has been impressed with the Waldorf Choir’s ability to learn this piece, and is excited to perform it in front of the audience. This will be the first concert of 2015, and will also include a few other pieces.

The Ellingboe Requiem is a piece that lasts about 45 minutes. “Bradley Ellingboe has a very interesting style in this piece, and the audience will be surprised by what they hear,” said a student from the choir.

The Waldorf Choir will also have another concert on April 30th, which has traditionally been a preview of the tour that they go on. The tour will be in mid-May and goes to Arizona. It is another exciting year for the choir’s. The final act is coming soon, giving members of the choir something big to look forward to, and the members of the audience some great music.