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Duelly Noted

Duelly Noted sings and plays piano together.

By Racee Moore

On Feb. 12 the Social Warriors Activities Team (S.W.A.T.) brought Duelly Noted, a pair of dueling pianists to Waldorf University.

The two women are from Minneapolis, Minnesota and travel around the country exhibit their dueling pianos and continuing their dream together.

Cassondra and Jacy not only are partners on-stage, but they are also best friends offstage. The pair met in 2006 at the McNally Smith College of Music. The business started because Cassondra had a dream to be a dueler. She called upon Jacy, and the dynamic duo was formed.

Now, they are in their 6th year of dueling together.

S.W.A.T. first saw them perform at the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) Conference last Spring and were impressed enough to book them through their agency, G.L. Berg Entertainment, during the conference booking session.

Duelly Noted, enjoys taking crowd requests and inviting the crowd to join in. During their performance they piggyback off of each other. 

Duelly Noted has had the opportunity to perform at a number of colleges since NACA, and book around 40 to 50 gigs a year. However, they perform with other bands.