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CSA: Waldorf’s Lesser Known Club

By: McKenna Clouse

Waldorf University is home to many different clubs. Some involving art, majors, paranormal society and sports. The Council of Student Athletes also known as CSA, is something not everyone knows about, but is very active on campus.

The Council of Student Athlete’s is comprised of two athletes from each sport. They are handpicked by their coaches to represent their teams on the council. The council also consists of two faculty advisors, Jenna Quina and Bri Ebenhoe. 

The club has been around for three years and serves to make sure athletes are having their voices heard in the athletic department. Waldorf, attended by many athletes, it is important their voices are being heard. This club meets once a month on a zoom call and discuss issues on their teams, sports related problems, and upcoming events. 

“I like being a part of CSA because I know our team’s voice is being heard and helps all athletes on campus,” said Senior basketball player Tina Lair-VanMeter. “It’s beneficial having people in the athletic department looking over things, they have a bigger voice than athletes and help advocate for what we want.”

“It feels good to know I can represent the volleyball team in a good way and just be the person who can hopefully make an impact” said Junior volleyball Captain Aby Wood. 

The main focus of the club is to make sure voices are heard. Some sports are easily overlooked on campus and don’t really get a say. This club creates a safe environment for all opinions and concerns to be on display and dealt with in a professional and beneficial way for all parties involved. 

“This club to me means that all sports are heard and have the opportunity to be heard if needed and treated equally on campus” said VanMeter. 

Along with holding meetings every month they compete in challenges with the conference. They have month long contests to see which campus can earn the most points. Teams can earn points by doing things on social media, hosting themed games, and writing articles for the conference. 

Wood is also a representative on the Board of Student Athletes along with Flaca Salono. Our council of student athletes selects two athletes from the council and then they represent Waldorf on these calls. 

“My duties are attending a meeting once a month as well as the CSA meetings, to get the messages across to both meetings and make a change on campus and for the conference,” said Wood. 

The Council of Student Athletes isn’t one of the known clubs on campus. They do a lot of behind the scenes work that doesn’t get noticed to ensure all athletes are getting heard.