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COVID-19 Still Impacting Waldorf

By: Khiaya Burns 

COVID-19 has already started spreading on Waldorf University campus after a few weeks of being in session. The university already has a plan to help keep it controlled on campus by following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

If someone tests positive for COVID-19, they must be quarantined for five days.  The day they test positive for the virus is their day zero.  Once their five days of quarantine are over, they are required to mask for five more days. 

Becoming exposed to the virus doesn’t mean you have to quarantine.  The new rules explain that if exposed you mask for ten days and carefully monitor your symptoms.  If you feel unwell or have any symptoms, Waldorf suggests getting tested. 

Waldorf University has the option for students to quarantine on campus if they don’t have access to a single room or cannot go home to quarantine.  Students quarantine in Breen Hall and have their meals delivered to them during their time in quarantine.  

Students are also required to contact coaches, professors, and/or leaders about testing positive for the virus.  They also have the ability to join classes through Blackboard Collaboration, so they continue to stay on top of their classes and assignments.

Shelby Harris, a sophomore on campus, got the virus within the short time of being back to school. 

“Quarantine was fine for the most part though I felt like I was missing a lot due to missing classes at the start of the semester,” Shelby said.  “They also brought me three meals a day which was nice and helped the time pass by.  During the time I had to quarantine I definitely missed my roommate and friends.”

The university is recommending washing your hands frequently, watching for symptoms and wearing a mask if you’re not feeling well.