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Comedy series welcomes Kiran Deol

By Kevin Moore

As part of a comedy series Waldorf College recently welcomed comedian and actress Kiran Deol to campus.

Deol, a British native and Harvard graduate, has been doing stand-up since her time in college, as well as appearing in well-known television shows like Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy and Parenthood.

“I really like the feeling of being on stage and just basically sharing my every day thoughts with people,” said Deol. “I think comedians like Louis C.K. and Pete Holmes are excellent because they’re not afraid to say what we’re all thinking.”

Throughout her time in High School and while attending Harvard, Deol was also very involved in theatre, taking part in numerous productions which cultivated her love for acting and performing. Now living in Los Angeles, her interests have shifted to more behind the scenes work.

“I think I like making things. I enjoy making the content and creating something that is really meaningful,” said Deol. “There’s all these big productions with huge sets and hundreds of people, and those are a lot of fun. But taking a less well-known project, working with fewer people and a smaller budget and being able to input a lot of your own creativity to make it strong, that’s what’s really rewarding.”

That creativity was on display Thursday night as she got a warm reception from the students of Waldorf College after her routine.

“She was great. I laughed the entire time,” said Waldorf sophomore Callie Stone. “The stuff she talked about was easily relatable, and I’m glad that she didn’t feel like she had to hold anything back because of the small venue.”

“It’s such an awesome opportunity to be able to have great comedian’s and people that are working hard to achieve their dreams like Kiran come to Waldorf,” added senior Kristen Wilke. “I know everyone here definitely appreciates it.”

As for advice to young college students working towards their dreams or just attempting to figure out what they want to do in life, Deol had this to say,

“I think we all get very distracted. There’s a lot of people out there telling you what you need to be doing, and that you have to have it all figured out right now, but that’s just not true. Find out what you love, and make goals on how you’re going to get there. You have to be able to shut people out and have a sort of tenaciousness. Trust that if you’re doing the right thing and working towards being better every day, it’ll all work out. Also realize that it’s never over. If you don’t give up, you can’t fail because life keeps going and there’s always more dreams and goals to be achieved, more mountains to overcome, it just keeps going. Embrace it.”