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Students and faculty gather for chapel. Photo by Lauren Babcock

By Lauren Babcock

Last year during chapel you would hear music only every once in a while but now things have changed.

This year’s chapel worship, which takes place every Wednesday starting at 10:30 a.m., has been taken over by a group of volunteers from the Waldorf Choir. Austin Lich, Hannah Apolinar, Jon Happel, Tim Davidson and Zach Feldt have worked hard to create a musical atmosphere for chapel every week and will from now on.

Dr. Umar, the new chair of the music department was the one who reimagined chapel into what it is now. Chapel has changed into a place where everyone can come and simply worship. People seem to like the changes and the recital hall has been filled every week since the changes have taken place. Austin lich, a senior and drum player for chapel said, “I grew up in a Christian home and lost my faith a bit when I came to college. But now I have found a place to make my faith my own with people that feel the same.”

Senior, Hannah Apolinar, one of the lead singers for chapel said, “We all come from different backgrounds and are there because we want to be, so it’s definitely going to be a journey and I’m really looking forward to where God takes us!”

After all the music is done there is a short message and prayer. Depending on the week, that could mean praying over and blessing the hockey team to marching for various causes. Come check it out!