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Change of Seasons

Waldorf University pond displays signs of autumn. Photo by Qadeer Omar-Taylor

Waldorf University pond displays signs of autumn. Photo by Qadeer Omar-Taylor

By: Qadeer Omar-Taylor

Twice a year the sun rays shine directly over the Earth’s equator; this is known as an Equinox. The Autumnal Equinox happened to be Sept. 22 or 23 this year, so with that in mind–welcome, fall!

Since fall is here,  summer is gone, along with tank tops and shorts. That’s right, it’s time for long sleeves and hats, because not only do the leaves start changing, but the weather does, too. Interviewee Amanda Farrell said, “What I like most about fall is getting to wear cute outfits…sweaters and stuff.”

Autumn winds make the trees dance, leaves turn from vibrant greens to amazing reds, oranges and yellows. This season is an amazing time to enjoy the beauty of nature and all it offers. Fall is a perfect time to enjoy the company of friends carving pumpkins, going on walks, making leaf piles and jumping right in. Fall nights are also excellent for sitting around a campfire and roasting delicious gooey treats.

“I don’t enjoy walking in the cold, but my favorite thing to do is play soccer,” said Farrell. Now, if people are not much of the outdoors type, fall can easily be introduced in other ways. Decorating the halls and dorms with leaves, pumpkins and lights is a great way to prepare for the holiday season right around the corner. Making a piping cup of hot chocolate while students study will help them embrace the changing of seasons, and the beverage will act as a delicious treat to get them through the upcoming gruesome midterms.

Here are a few things to get done before it’s too late. First, changing the oil in cars is beneficial. This might be the last chance before winter hits; consider buying layers, winter footwear, scarves, hats and gloves. One idea to remember is cheaper isn’t always better. Finally, consider where a bike can be stored for the winter.

With the change of seasons, allergies are everywhere. One easy way to ensure not catching that contagious cold is to wash hands thoroughly. Also, constantly touching of the face is the easiest way to catch a cold, so keeping that to a minimum would help, too.

All in all, fall is a time for layers and lovely, hot drinks, but the season is also one to prepare for.