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Bike theft on campus

Bike theft is becoming a problem on campus.

Bike theft is becoming a problem on campus.

By Lauren Babcock

Forest City is a fairly small town, but not small enough to want to walk everywhere. For a college student, expenses are everywhere and having a car on campus is expensive, not to mention gas isn’t cheap. So what are we left with? Bikes.

Bikes are an efficient way of getting to point A to point B here in Forest City and there are a fair number of bike racks almost everywhere on campus. The only bad thing about keeping a bike is the possibility of it getting stolen.

Junior Chasen Selsor had a bike on campus until it was stolen about a month ago. He said, “it wasn’t a super expensive bike. It was red and black, and I got it at Walmart for about $130 dollars.” Selsor had it locked up and someone came along and cut the lock.

Selsor says he used to “bring his bike up two flights of stairs in Orm to his room whenever he wasn’t using it.” This sounds like the only real way to keep bikes safe here at Waldorf.

Junior Andrew May also has a bike on campus. He lives off campus at home, so he doesn’t have to worry about his bike being stolen overnight. However, May had previous account of bike theft on campus. Once, he rode his bike to campus and went to class. When he came back, it was gone. On that day, he had forgotten to lock up his bike as he usually does. His bike had been stolen from the rack and was found by security the next day under a pine tree.

“Spend a little extra on a good chain and a good lock for your bike. Some chains and locks are difficult to cut and that’s what you should look for,” May advises fellow bike owners.