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Becky Hill: A Life at Waldorf

Education Professor Doctor Becky Hill

By: Joseph Halverson

Doctor Becky Hill, one of Waldorf’s education professors, has announced her retirement, effective at the end of this academic year. With 10 years working in the academic achievement center (AAC), 21 years as a professor, and 2 years as a student, Becky Hill has spent a total of 33 years with Waldorf.

As a graduate and resident of Lake Mills, Beck Hill attended Waldorf to receive her associates degree.  While attending Waldorf, Becky Hill lived in Salveson Hall, just down the hall of where her office is located at today. 

Becky Hill details stories of how women of Waldorf would have a 10 o’clock every night, with a 12 o’clock curfew on every Friday and Saturday Night, with two 1 o’clocks every semester. While the men of Waldorf did not have a curfew. The men would always come to Salveson Hall at nights and mess around while the women were locked up in their rooms. 

“Just like you have goofiness that some of your contemporaries do,” Hill said. “Kids were always goofy, and they would do silly stuff.”

Becky Hill was one of the big role-players that assisted in transitioning Waldorf from a two-year into a four-year. While working in the AAC, Hill dedicated two to three years developing the program which would transition Waldorf. Once Waldorf transitioned, Becky Hill took a job as an education professor where she has been home to for the past 21 years. 

“I actually helped write this education program and developed all the syllabi, and the courses and stuff like that,” Hill said. “I worked closely with the state department of education to get all that to happen. So, I was in on the ground floor which started in 1997-1998.”

Becky Hill plans on spending more time with family after her retirement that her working schedule hindered before. Becky Hill has eight grandchildren, all boys, who she looks forward to spending time with.

“A lot of it is just downsizing a lot,” Hill said. “My office, oh my goodness. When you have 31 years of worth of stuff, I am ready to go through it.”

With her tenure at Waldorf, as both a student and faculty member, Doctor Becky Hill leaves behind a lasting impression.

“I still have a dedication to Waldorf,” Hill said. “There’s still great students and great people here.”