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Art Gallery Closing Recap

Dean Swenson in the gallery - photo by Leland March

Dean Swenson in the gallery – photo by Leland March

By Leland March

One of the best things Waldorf University has to offer is their beautiful gallery. It is full of all types of art within warm lighting. The gallery had been open to all viewers since the first day of classes has now closed its first set art pieces.  Dean Swenson is the gallery director of the University.  “Before I came to Waldorf,” said Swenson, “what is now the Warrior Crossing used to be the gallery.”

With over 20 different pieces of art lined up in the gallery, Swenson pointed out one piece in particular that was worth mentioning. The piece he pointed out was done by Tiffany Olson (Blume) in 1998. The significance of the piece is that the artist then is now Professor Tiffany Olson, Waldorf’s Torch Magazine Head Supervisor. Swenson said,”I found the piece in the storage room and when I found it, I had to tell her.”

Although there are many pieces in Waldorf’s art gallery, most of the pieces that were present weren’t on file as having a previous destination. .”Most of the the art pieces in this gallery came from storage or other departments within the University that were moved or taken down.” There were a few pieces that did have previous locations and they were brought back to those same destinations after the showing closed.

After debating on two different paintings for a while, Swenson picked his favorite. He pointed at a huge abstract piece and said,”If I had to choose which one would be my favorite, it would probably this one because of the colors and shapes.”

There will be many more pieces coming in and out Waldorf’s gallery. Currently, the gallery is filled with photos taken by Waldorf students, staff, and alumni that traveled to Europe this past May. On October 27th, there will be a new showing of the art gallery opening. Stay tuned and go check out all the different varieties of art the gallery and its artists have to offer.