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Art Gallery Closes with Student Show

By: Leland March

The art gallery will be closing on May 6 for the remainder of the year, but its last collection is one that the students of Waldorf University should be proud of. The art was made by students here at Waldorf University. The collection varied from abstract art to very vivid paintings and drawings.

Dean Swenson was responsible for placing these pieces of art in the gallery, and he put the spotlight on the creative students here at Waldorf. Many artists seemed very proud of their work. One of the students was Wragner Daceus. Daceus is currently playing football for Waldorf University and has ambition to design cleats for Nike. Daceus was pleased with his works. Daceus said, “I feel proud because, I spent a lot of time on my art and to see it hang up just let me know that time paid off.” Daceus has four pieces of art hanging in the art gallery.

Waldorf University has been known for putting their students on display, and the art gallery is a prime example of this. The placement of the art and how everything flowed was a big part of how the showing turned out. The art is placed in a way that a true artist can appreciate. Those with little knowledge about art came, as well.

Not many student get to show off their talents and hard work in this manner; a lot of the time students receive an assignment, complete it and then turn it in with no appreciation–but this is different. The students got a chance to show what they can do, and they are thankful for the opportunity that was given to them by the staff here at Waldorf University.