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Annual “Stop Hunger” event once again providing hope

Cynthia Ryder and David Damm doing their part to help feed the hungry. Photo by Victoria Carra

Cynthia Ryder and David Damm doing their part to help feed the hungry. Photo by Victoria Carra

By Victoria Carra

On Wednesday, March 2, S.W.A.T. (Social Warrior Activities Team) brought a great event to the Waldorf College campus. A group called Outreach visited the campus for the annual “Stop Hunger” food packaging event. This group has provided the products necessary for packing meals for over nine years. Waldorf, and the community, has been able to package over half a million meals through Outreach throughout the many years the event has been occurring on campus.

First time participant, Madison Stenerson, said, “Today was so much fun and a great way to get out and do something for the cause. I am glad I got to be a part of an event like this, and can’t wait to do it again!” Madison was part of a group of girls that signed up for three shifts, and all said they would participate again.

Amanda Aberle, the leader of S.W.A.T., helped organize the event.

“We were able to raise about $16,000, and Outreach brought in $18,000 worth of food,” Aberle said. “Which, if you think about it, $.25 makes a meal, so we are making a lot of meals today. We are really excited about it. We are excited to get more volunteers and getting the students to participate.”

Melony Slater has been a volunteer for Outreach for 10 years, and was very excited to see all the young faces at the event.

“I love watching the community come together for a day to help other people,” Slater said. “This is a very easy program to get involved with. You come with a group of friends, pack food for an hour and give meals to needy children.”

With a community that has been able to feed so many overseas, there is 12 percent of people here in Winnebago county that are food insecure, which is about 1,290 people. Food insecurity happens everyday all around the world, but today Waldorf did their part to change that.