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Andrew May Art Show

To the Unkown–a work by Andrew May. Photo by Maggie Kretzmann

By: Maggie Kretzmann

With graduation coming up within the next few weeks, students are busy studying for tests, finishing up projects and prepping for the adult world. The list can go on, but for some students, they get to put on an art show that showcases their artistic abilities and talents.

With 49 pieces, you’d think that art student Andrew May would have no time for anything else, but that is far from wrong. May held his artist reception March 20 from 5:30-7:00 for students and community members to come and see for themselves a variety of artwork. May was born in 1996 and graduated from Forest City. Being a senior majoring in Communications emphasizing in Graphic Design and Digital Media and minoring in Art, he will graduate this May. His dream jobs include being a filmmaker and/or a graphic designer.

He uses a variety of mediums for his pieces, from digital artwork, to graphite, to watercolor and acrylic paint. “My paintings are physical expressions of my imagination and past memories; many of which I am fond of and reflect on time to time,” states his artist statement. “His piece titled ‘Mountains’ was my favorite piece, because I thought it was a photo and was really realistic and pretty,” said Diana Humble, a student at Waldorf, “There’s something inside of you that you feel the need to create and the urge to get something expressed on paper for other people to see.”

Some of his other pieces included “Golden Iowa”, “The Fall”, “Moon’s New Hat” and more. Andrew May’s art show will be up until March 27 and is free for viewing, located in the art gallery at the Student Information Center.