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An Always Excelling Taylor Navratil

By Hannah Wagner

Taylor Navratil after winning the Storm Lake Triathlon

Athletic, determined and admirable are only a few words that come to mind when describing Taylor Navratil, a senior at Waldorf University.

She has a passion for Waldorf, and though students and faculty members mostly hear about her on the track and the softball field, she excels not only in athletics but academics as well.

Taylor Navratil grew up in Plymouth, Iowa and began her high school athletic career at Central Springs High School in Manly, Iowa.

Navratil played multiple sports in high school, including volleyball, track and softball. Of these sports, she decided to participate in track and softball in college. She then committed to start and finish her athletic career at Waldorf University in 2015.

While athletics take up a very large portion of her time, Navratil works hard behind the scenes in order to keep up with her school work.

Navratil will be receiving her bachelor’s degree this spring in psychology with two minors in education and health promotion. She has big plans for her future, starting with working toward and obtaining a masters degree in occupational therapy.

Navratil committed to Waldorf based on the people.

“My favorite part about Waldorf are the people here,” Navratil said. “They are like family to me and have been so supportive of me during my 4 years here. We are like a little family and someone is always there to help you out when you need it.”

Though athletics and academics are two things she thrives in, students also catch her on campus being a social butterfly. Navratil was crowned homecoming queen this year.

As her final season of softball was approaching, it was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

“We are not allowed to practice at all and we are all back at home.” Navratil said. “We did get to play our final four games in Arizona when most of the college teams were not allowed to. The NAIA is working out eligibility rules now to determine if we get our eligibility back.”

Whether she gets to compete in her last season of softball at Waldorf or not, Taylor has made an impact on Waldorf and there is no doubt she will exceed in her career.