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AACE director takes position at ISU

Jan. 18 was Mason Babcock’s last day working at Waldorf. He accepted an opportunity to further pursue his career in higher education at Iowa State University.

Mason Babcock working with Ray McQueen in his office

Babcock was the director and learning disabilities specialist at the Academic Achievement Center for Excellence (AACE).

On Jan. 22, Babcock began working at The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Iowa State.  For that department, he holds an academic adviser position which focuses on advising pre-positional students. He is also in charge of orientation and administrative duties to represent the college on university boards and committees.

In the fall of 2005, Babcock was an adjunct professor for PED 345.  Then, in 2007, he started working at the AACE.

Babcock says he will miss his position because he thinks his work experience at the AACE was “helpful and supportive” by being part of a team effectively benefiting students’ education.

“I have developed awesome professional relationships with the people at Waldorf College.  I really enjoyed working here,” Babcock said.

Ray McQueen, said Babcock was always there for help whenever he had problems.  “He always wanted to know about you.  It was never about him,” said McQueen.

“He’s been a really great leader for us,” said Sabrina Parcher, assistant director of academic support.  “I’m excited for this new opportunity and what it means for his new career.