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24 hour theater

Nathan Guillermo performs during 24 Hour Theatre. Photo by Victoria Carra

Nathan Guillermo performs during 24 Hour Theatre. Photo by Victoria Carra

By Victoria Carra

On Saturday, Feb. 20,  the theater department put on their very unique annual event, 24 hour theater. This event really shows how committed the theater department is to their work. For this event all of the theater students, and some volunteer students, get locked in the school for 24 hours to write, cast, direct and then perform their one-of-a-kind skits in front of an audience, who then pick a winner.

Twenty-four hour theater veteran, Kate Workman, gave a very good visual of what happens in those 24 hours.

“I like seeing how crazy people get when they are sleep deprived,” Workman said. “Its a bunch of theater kids that are going off of no sleep and being stuck in the same room with people for such a long time, its great.”┬áThis year was Kate’s fourth year participating in the event.

As a newcomer to the 24 hour theater event, Jon Quigley gave some insight as a play write for this event.

“As a playwright, we gathered in our groups and started shouting out ideas, and now it is up to me and another writer to finish out the story based on those ideas,” Quigley said. Quigley was actually able to leave once his skit was written, but decided to stay up all night with his group anyway, and watch as it all came together for the show.

Toney Wise was able to share his philosophy behind why he loves this event.

“It’s a great way to meet new people, since it is open to anyone in the school, Wise said. “Also, it’s interesting to see each person at their worst. You see them cranky, tired, hungry, stressed and somehow we all come together and put together a production that we did ourselves. It’s coming from us; the students are directors, technicians, stage managers and the actors. It’s our ideas put together on stage in 24 hours, no sleep. Lets do it.”

This annual event is always very fun for the audience and the students involved. The skits are funny, and are a great way to let loose for a while. This event was a success for the theater department, and was able to get some new students involved as well.