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Students meet and Connect at Annual Comm Bowling

Students bowl at 2019 Comm Bowling

By Ying Tzarm

About 40 communications majors and minors, freshmen and upperclassmen, gathered to connect at Comm Bowling, a Waldorf Communications Department event, on Sept. 19, 2019.

Güzel Tuhbatullina, a leader of the public relations (PR) practicum that put the event together, said, “We are very happy that this year Comm Bowling was very successful, compared to any previous one.”

Heather Yeoman, a public relations professor, said, “The primary objective is to bring first year students into the family and also to welcome back returning students.”

“So that they make connections, make new friends and feel part of the bigger family right away.”

According to Tuhbatullina, a recent graduate from Waldorf with a communication major and now doing her internship with Waldorf’s Communication and Marketing Department, the Comm Bowling has improved every year.

The icebreaker activity at the beginning of the event was an additional activity to get students together and connect.

Prior to the event, communications students were divided into groups of three to six students, with a senior assigned to be the captain of the team to come up with a costume theme. Not only did they compete for the highest score and lowest score from bowling, they also competed for prizes for being the best costume, the funniest costume, the most energetic team, the quietest team, and so on.

The winner for the highest score of 2019 Comm Bowling was Jarod Mckee, a senior.  

“That was the best I have ever bowled in my life,” Mckee said. “I bowled 180. I had a total of 6 strikes. I had Turkey, three strikes in a row.”

Jennet Gurdova, a freshman from Turkmenistan, got her team to win the funniest costume of the night with her suggestion to her team to dress up like nerds with thick glasses.

For the bowling score, she was second on her team, even though Comm Bowling was her fifth time to ever bowl.

Gurdova said, “It (the event) was amazing.” “I love the PR team that they organize so well.”

Comm Bowling is organized annually by the students of public relations practicum class for upperclassmen and freshmen to make connection at the beginning of the semester. It has been a tradition of Waldorf’s Communication Department for more than 15 years.