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10 Places to go on Spring Break

By Leland March

As the midway point of the semester continues to get closer students may be looking to have a little fun during spring break, here are ten places students should look at to go on vacation for the break.

Number one on list is Panama City Beach in Florida which has almost become the destination of spring breakers. Hundreds of students commute every year to Panama City Beach to have fun on the beach in the sun with music and parties.

Number two is Miami, For some reason Florida just seems to be the place of fun for students. With plenty of hotels everywhere, students are sure to find one in their price range. Parties and fun seem to just pop up out the pavement in Miami and year in and year out students look to take advantage of the fun and sun.

Los Angeles California is next on the list , Take a trip to Hollywood and walk down the walk of fame. Go shopping and get a chance to meet stars and don’t forget about the wonderful weather that will be waiting for you to arrive.

Number four on the list is New York, City. The bright lights of New York is always an affordable and attractive sight for students looking to enjoy the night life. Time Square is a party of its own and is always buzzing with excitement.

Coming in at five is Cancun Mexico. If you have the budget to take an international trip, this is the place you should go. With warm exotic beaches everywhere who wouldn’t want to enjoy this get away destination.

Six on the list is Orlando, Florida. Of course almost everywhere in Florida has beaches but in Orlando you have that and the one place every kid has dreamed of going at one time or another and that’s Disney Land.

Laguna Beach in California is next on the list of beach studded places to go on spring break. With the Pacific Ocean giving you a calm cool breeze and parties on the pavement you are sure to get your money’s worth in Laguna.

At number 8 is Las Vegas, Nevada. In Las Vegas there is a show on every corner and is more than affordable for that college life budget. Go shopping on the strip or just enjoy the festivities because they will be all around you if you decide to spend your spring break in Las Veags.

After giving you a more than affordable trip like Las Vegas it wouldn’t be right not to offer the very expensive trip like the Bahamas. Even adults out of college want to go there. If the price is right and you have the money you shouldn’t pass up that opportunity to enjoy everything the Bahamas has to offer.

At number ten on the list is one you are really familiar with, Its called home. If you don’t have the money or want to spend the money just simply go home. Go enjoy relaxing on the couch with your family, going to the movies and catching up with old high school buddies. There’s nothing wrong with going home and embracing where you came from.