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10 Best Sports Movies

Official movie poster for the movie “Necessary Roughness.” Photo courtesy of<>

By Diana Stetson

Recently I was looking over an article in “USA Today” about the top 10 best sports movies and saw that it listed Field of Dreams as the number 1 pick. Not that I don’t like the movie, but I wouldn’t have listed it as my No. 1.

Speaking to my husband of course, he shared the same opinion, well kind of; I guess I should say that there was a slight difference in opinion. His number one pick is Miracle, while my number one pick is Unnecessary Roughness.

This of course brought up the question of what makes a great sports movie? After all, it seems like everyone has to have an opinion these days, and I’m no exception.

Is there a formula that should be followed? A little bit of drama, a dash of romance, maybe a hint of humor? Or is it the cinematic climax of the underdog coming out on top that sets a film apart?

What about the has-been that is getting back into the game to prove he has what it takes? Of course, we can’t forget about the never-was that is finally getting their moment of glory. Should the movie appeal to everyone rather than just the sports fans, like the movie Little Giants, or should it be more of a true sports story like Moneyball?

Curious to find out what others thought, I asked a group of friends.

According to Lili Flores, the movie should be able to resonate with everyone and show the highs and lows of an athlete. According to Cam Newsome, his favorite movie would show diversity and be based on a true story. Another friend said that it’s all about the nostalgia. Personally, I like the climatic moments of the underdog.

With that said, I present to you the top 10 best sports movies:

10. Hoosiers

9. Rocky

8. The Replacements

7. Slap Shot

6. Prefontaine

5. Friday Night Lights

4. Moneyball

3. Remember the Titans

2. Necessary Roughness

1. Miracle