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Work-study jobs are starting to hire for the 2016-2017 school year

Work-study Kurtis Aguilar has Danielle Holt sign up for a package. Photo by Ashleigh Stingley.

Work-study Kurtis Aguilar has Danielle Holt sign up for a package. The CIC desk hired early this year. Photo by Ashleigh Stingley.

By Ashleigh Stingley

With the school year coming to a close, work-study jobs on campus are gearing up and getting ready for the new year by starting their rehiring process early.

The Luise V. Hanson Library sent out the e-mail notice they were hiring around two weeks ago. The deadline for the Library work-study job was March 31.

“We had the applications available at the desk,” said Derrick Burton, librarian. “Once received, we go through and find potential candidates before having a face to face interview with them. From there, the staff discusses who would be a good fit and we extend an offer for hiring. That’s when they get the handbook and sheets for hours if they accept.”

When asked about what qualities they look for in a potential employee, Burton said, “We want someone who is familiar with the library, not someone who can just find stuff or passes them onto a staff member, but also familiar with the online aspect of the library. They need to be professional and capable of handling situations and being responsible.”

Another location hiring early on campus was the Campus Information Center (CIC) desk. Brett Geelan, the CIC desk director said that three weeks ago he sent out the e-mail for those interested in possibly working at the desk. “I then have a two to three-week period where I do interviews,” said Geelan. “I then look at all the candidates and decide who would be the best workers for the desk. After I make my decisions, I extend an offer for the job.”

Geelan commented that for the desk, his qualities for hiring were to be responsible, organized and isn’t afraid to work.

If the library or the CIC desk isn’t your cup of tea for work, there is still other places to get a work-study job on campus, including food services, the YMCA, the Hanson’s Lifecenter, Recreation and Intermurals and more. Don’t be afraid to get in contact with them to see when they will be hiring for 2016-2017 work-study.