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Women’s Basketball Falls

By Branden Woodward

The 2018-2019 Waldorf Women’s Basketball team. Photo from Waldorf Athletics.

The Waldorf women’s basketball season came to an end in a tough fashion.

The Waldorf Women’s basketball team went above and beyond expectations this season. Despite being quite young and having many obstacles in their way, they managed to make a season for themselves.

With 4 seniors leading the way the young freshman really stepped up and made a name for themselves. The Tuesday night playoff contest started off heavy in the warrior’s favor. Waldorf came out swinging and managed to gain a 20-point lead over visiting Presentation.

With big contributions coming from all the seniors in front of the home Waldorf crowd, although many seniors were hot, Fricke, was out due to an injury. That did not slow the warriors down in the beginning. Things looked to be going the Warriors way despite the visiting Presentation continuing to play knowing whoever wins this game will move on.

Presentation didn’t give up for even a second despite the deficit. They continued to chip away and give everything they had. The second half of the game was just about as opposite as it could get for the warriors ending 79-71 in favor of the visiting team.

Although Waldorf’s season ended before everyone could have hoped there are still many remarkable accomplishments to take away from this season. The ladies finished 14-12 on the season which is something to be proud about in itself. Finishing with that records leaves it the best woman’s basketball season in nearly six years.

Along with that is was the first time Waldorf has hosted a post season game in more than a decade. It was tough watching the girls season come to an end they did some incredible things and overcame plenty of obstacles to get them to where they finished the season. The next few years of women’s basketball are only going to get better.