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“Where in the World” is this years Comm Mini Golf theme

Past Comm Mini golf groups, Photo  by David Damm.

Past Comm Mini golf groups, Photo by David Damm.

By Megan Brandrup

Every spring the communications department holds their “Comm. Mini Golf” tournament. This years event is scheduled for Thursday, April 14 at 7:30 p.m. and is open to communications majors only.

The Comm Mini Golf event began in 2000. “We like to have these comm events so that the upper and lower classmen can build relationships, and the older students can be mentors to the younger comm majors,” said communications professor David Damm.

The majority of the communications department look forward to these events. The theme for this year’s mini golf event is, “Where in the world?” This means each team chooses a theme to embody something from around the world. Some of the teams have chosen themes such as “At a sporting event, “At the zoo,” or even “At the beach.”

“I’m really excited to participate in this event,” said communications major Pierre Roddy. “This is my first comm mini golf, and everyone has told me it is always fun.”

Students are expected to dress up in their team’s theme. The teams will then move around to different holes throughout the atrium and Thorson Hall.

Students also have to answer comm-related questions to gain more points for their team. Some of the holes of the “Waldorf University Golf Course” feature moving elements. One hole is even inside of the atrium elevator, and requires teams to try to putt into the elevator, and then ride it down.

The holes are sponsored by local businesses. Some of these businesses include Ay Jalisco and MBT Bank.

Each team is competing for prizes donated by the local businesses. Awards are given out for best costumes, most spirit and several other categories.