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Warrior(‘s) of the Week

By Karissa Vetsch

During the week of November 1-6, 2015, there were two freshmen, Victoria Cara and Madison Beaupre awarded Warrior of the Week for helping clean up the London bathrooms Halloween night. The ladies cleaned up makeup that was left and smeared on the counters from people getting their costumes ready for Halloween.

Victoria Carra is a freshmen from Carlisle, Iowa and is majoring in communications with an emphasis in journalism and public relations. She is a cheerleader at Waldorf College. Victoria said one of her favorite parts of Waldorf is “the people because everyone is amazing and so open.”

“It was pretty awesome being Warrior of the Week. I didn’t realize so many people know about it and recognize it,” said Carra.

The Johnson and London Resident Assistants pick the freshmen they believe should receive Warrior of the Week each week. As they picked two, Kaylie Brindley, first London Resident Assistant said, “I’m glad freshmen can step up and take care of their communal living space.”

Madison Beaupre is a freshmen from Cambridge, Minnesota and is majoring in education. Beaupre is a freshman that received a Chantell Cooley Scholarship. She is also involved in Like Fire, Rotary Club and campus ministries. She enjoys supporting Waldorf sports. One of her favorite parts of Waldorf is the great people she has met here.

“(Receiving Warrior of the Week was) great. I was particularly happy to park my car up closer when it was cold out,” Beaupre said.

Warrior of the week to those who have gone above and beyond the average student. Victoria Carra and Madison Beaupre were worthy recipients.