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Warrior Cup for Fun, Prize and Spirit of Unity

By NangZarm Hseng

Tug-a-war, one of the 23 games students competed to win Warrior Cup

At least 100 students from 24 activity-based groups and clubs of Waldorf participated in Warrior Cup competition during the homecoming week from October 14 to 18.

Proposed by Jason Ramaker, Dean of Students, 13 years ago, a week-long competition is organized by Student Senate and Student Life annually.

“We wanted to get clubs, groups and teams just really involved in the week with spirit and fun things to do,” said Ramaker. “It is also kind of a way to build community and teamwork in each group.”

Amid the midterm and other required extracurricular activities, members of the clubs, athletic teams and activity-based groups shared tasks and competed in 23 games for prizes ranging from $200 to $600. Some games included egg tossing, blanket tying, eating, highway cleaning, to tug-a-war, world jeopardy and panel painting, which took clubs a week to paint.

The winner of 2019 Warrior Cup was Track and Field, followed by Softball and Golf, who placed second and third places respectively. 

Kaila Johnson, a senior in Biology and a member of Track and Field said, “It feels pretty good because last year we got second.”

“Like for any games, some groups are more competitive, while other groups only participated in one or two games ‘for fun,’” said Jason Ramaker, Dean of Students.

Track planned for the competitions of this year, a week before homecoming. “We were determined to win this year, because we wanted the trophy,” said Johnson.

“Track is pretty diverse. There are lot of people who are smart. There are lot of people who are artists. We just make sure that everyone is where they need to be.”

Besides winning the trophy, Ramaker added that an underlying reason for the competitive race was to win money. “200, 300, 500 can do a lot because not a lot of the clubs are funded really well.”

When asked what Track will spend the money on, Johnson said, “Probably on travel fees for the meet. Maybe t-shirts, if we have enough money left over.”

In addition to trophy and money, for Track and Field, homecoming brought their team together. “With freshmen, at the beginning of the year, we were not as close as we wanted to be. During homecoming, [Warrior Cup] brings us together, makes one unit and one team.”­­