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Warrior crossing beefing up security

Security cameras are now a part of the Warrior Crossing. Photo courtesy of Photopin

Security cameras are now a part of the Warrior Crossing. Photo courtesy of Photopin

By Darien Walsh

Starting early November, the Warrior Crossing has tightened its security by adding a few new security cameras.

The two cameras, which are small but very visible, are placed in strategic locations within the Warrior Crossing. A small monitor placed by the register allows the Warrior Crossing employees to see the two live streams side by side. One camera, placed on top the edge of the beverage coolers, has a birds-eye view of the sandwich cooler, snack stand and back door. A second camera, located closer to the soda fountains, has a clear view of the soda machine, beverage coolers and the shelves.

Many Waldorf students have taken note of the new cameras upon entering the Crossing.

Courtney Chaffee notices the cameras every time she enters the Crossing.  “It’s a good idea to have them in the sense that a lot stuff happens in the Atrium,” said Chaffee. “If it helps it helps. I like how there are cameras on campus.”

Sabrina Garcia said, “They’re just there. They don’t really bother or affect me.”

One student, Shannon Clark, did not notice the new cameras. “I didn’t know there were cameras in the Warrior Crossing,” said Clark. “Sounds like a good investment to keep Waldorf students honest.”

The Warrior Crossing employees were not able to discuss the cameras. No signs are posted in the Crossing about the cameras, but there are no United States laws that require signs to be posted when surveillance cameras are set up in a public place.