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Warrior Care Program

By: Jamera Colon

Feeling a little down? Wanting to go home? Classes stressing you out? If so, you’re not alone.

For most students, there is a point where college becomes more than they can handle, and things become too difficult to manage alone. The Warrior Care Program was set up this year to give students the supportive outlet they need.

The program aims to provide students with the resources necessary for success, and helps guide them down the right path. It also provides students a platform to meet new people and expand connections. 

Renae Littrell, Waldorf’s Director of Retention and Pillars Program Director, established the program this year.

This program helps encourage students to reach out when they need of help. College can be frightening and feels overwhelming at times. It can be beneficial to talk to trusted professionals about the things students encounter on their collegiate journey.

For additional information contact Nurse Mary in the campus information center or Renae Littrell.

If you or anyone you know needs help, please contact Forest City public safety at 641.585.2113.