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Waldorf Women’s Soccer kicks off the season with freshmen recruit

Hayde Gallardo, incoming freshman for the Waldorf Warriors Soccer team

By Naomi Alvarez

This fall, the Waldorf Warriors Women’s soccer team have a roster of 26 women, among them incoming freshman Hayde Gallardo.

She is from Nipomo, California (Central Coast) and plays the position of mid-center.

Gallardo has been playing soccer for the past 10 years and has even expanded into other sports.

“I’ve always been involved in sports, everything from volleyball, swimming, track and cross country,” Gallardo said.

She first began playing soccer at eight and later joined club soccer teams at ten.

“At one point I was in three teams in middle school,” Gallardo said. “It strained my knees, but it was fun because it wasn’t so much work. It was just fun.”

She first heard about Waldorf from her club coach, Coach Alvarez, who used to attend the University.

“Waldorf was always an option for me and in the end, it was my best option, so I didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity.” Gallardo stated.

“I knew other soccer players here at Waldorf from back home,” Gallardo said, referencing Sophomore returners: Sara Rodriguez, Araneg Leon-Velasquez, Jessica Gil-Garcia, and Reyna Ramirez-Suarez.

Hayde knew these Waldorf Warriors from her club soccer team, the Central California Aztecs, who she traveled to Tennessee with for a tournament.

The Warrior Women have their first home game September 8 at 4 p.m. at Bolstroff Field.