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Waldorf Theatre Presents: Calvin Berger

By: Diana Humble

On February 23 and 24, the Waldorf Theatre department wowed the Black Box theatre with two hilariously heartfelt shows.

For Jennifer Martin’s senior capstone project, she chose to direct the four person musical, Calvin Berger. “I chose Calvin Berger because it’s a light-hearted musical with a positive message about overcoming insecurities. So many modern musicals have dark and depressing messages and while those still have very important meanings, I think it’s important that we are still able to step back and enjoy a light and comedic musical,” Martin said.

Martin, who is pursuing degrees in musical theatre, vocal performance, and musical education with theatre and speech endorsements, hopes to become a high school music or theatre teacher. She also hopes to manage the after school musical, so putting on this show gave her a small sampling of what it’d be like to direct a musical with students. “Putting on this production has really assured my dreams of being a theatre and/or music teacher.”

Calvin Berger is a show about four high schoolers dealing with the struggles and drama of being a teenager. It takes on themes that everyone can relate to such as love, friendship, and insecurities. Jeff Hartnett was cast as Calvin Berger, a kid with a big nose, a big crush, and a lot of insecurities. Hartnett said the hardest part of the production was nailing lines and memorizing the music. “Unfortunately I joined the production a little after everyone else and I had to catch up in a shorter amount of time than I’m used to. But in the end it turned out to be a wonderful show!”

The show is headlined by a powerhouse cast with Hartnett at the helm. Myriah Hacker takes up the mantle of Bret, Calvin’s best friend who’s secretly in love with him. Abbie Wells stars as Rosanna, the popular girl that wants to be more than just a pretty face. Zach Feldt rounds out the quartet as Matt, the handsome and burly newcomer.

Waldorf Theatre is currently in the works of producing American Idiot, the musical, which will open in Smith Theatre April 11.