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Waldorf students give opinions on Presidential candidates

Waldorf student Zach Brown offers an opinion on current presidential candidates. Photo by Darien Walsh

Waldorf student Zach Brown offers an opinion on current presidential candidates. Photo by Darien Walsh

BDarien Walsh

As the 2016 year rolls along, the American public begins to get antsy about the Presidential election this coming November. The candidates have gained a lot of attention this year: female candidate and former First Lady, Hillary Clinton, the bold, sometimes outrageous statements from Donald Trump, the liberal voice of Democrat Bernie Sanders and even Republican Ben Carson after visiting campus, from some Waldorf students.

These days, everybody has an opinion they want to share about the candidates, especially with the popularity of social media, but what do Waldorf students think?

Bernie Sanders is a popular candidate among college students across America, and Waldorf is no exception.

“He seems like a nice guy,” says Freshman Zach Brown, “I think he’s responsible; like he will help America.”

Freshmen Keisha Hendry, Myriah Hacker and Ellie Peters describe themselves as being very liberal. They all “#feelthebern” this year.

Republican Ben Carson recently visited Waldorf, and the college found itself filled with town residents and students alike. Students Anthony Romualdo, Kyla Kern and Mariah Roberts all attended the event.

“I liked him, but I also haven’t really looked at other candidates,” Roberts said.

“I already liked Ben Carson,” said Kern. “Seeing him strengthened my standpoint.”

Romualdo liked his ideas to make America better but doesn’t necessarily agree with all of his policies. “I think America needs a different Republican,”  he said.

Sophomore Andrew May describes himself as Independent, neither a republican or democrat. “I’ll have to watch and see the caucus to develop more ideas,” said May. “My heart isn’t set yet.”

Of course, a big topic regarding the presidential race has been Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency. Trump has been met with different responces and opinions, from some people finding him to be racist, sexist, a ‘joke gone too far’ and even comparable to Hitler, while others find him to be a businessman that has ideas that could make America great again.

“He’s hot-headed, yes,” said May. “He has said some offensive things, but all candidates have been swaying. While everyone is after him, others have been doing the same, though not to the same degree.”

“He has ideas that I agree with more,” Romualdo said. “Donald Trump can come off as blunt at times, but I think America is becoming too sensitive. It needs that slap in the face.”

Senior Courtney Swessinger is supporting Donald Trump all the way.

“I think Donald Trump will try his best to make America great again,” Swessinger said. “America needs someone bold, someone who will think about problems and finishing what’s been started- not someone who will tiptoe around.”