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Waldorf student lands acting gigs

Tyler O’Hara in a photo shoot for the Colin Kaepernick movie

By Austin Siegal

Tyler O’Hara, Waldorf student, has landed several professional acting roles over his time at Waldorf.

He has been trying to follow his dreams of acting all while balancing the difficulties of playing college football, as well as completing school work. 

“It is tough to manage, but I really want to pursue my dream of acting, and I am willing to put in the work to do so,” said O’Hara.

O’Hara got his start in the acting business by joining an acting management team, providing him with the connections needed to land jobs.

O’Hara is represented by TCA Management (Talent and Communications Agency). The agency has produced multiple award winning actors, such as Octavia Spencer and Melissa Leo. The agency has connections with directors all over the film industry, and they help patch in O’Hara to rolls he would fit well.

He is also represented by MSA Management (McDonald Selznick Associates), also helping O’Hara land rolls.

O’Hara landed his first big role when he received the opportunity to work as a stunt football actor on the hit Netflix show All American. He appeared in both seasons of the television show and can be seen multiple times throughout the show’s football and party scenes.

He had appearances on the CBS show Young Sheldon as well as Colin: In Black and White, which will be premiering on Netflix in coming months. O’Hara also played the role of a young Colin Kaepernick and performed all the football and action scenes. 

O’Hara’s largest role was his most recent acting job in which he landed the lead role in a national Under Armour commercial that will air in the next couple months on a national stage.

“The Under Armour commercial was a great experience getting to be the lead role and just knowing that millions of people will get to see me on television,” said O’Hara.

A typical on-set day for O’Hara begins with reporting to the crew parking lot for his call time. All the actors get COVID-19 tested and then head right to the wardrobe. There, he will wear his first outfit of the day and then report to their trailers to prepare for filming.

From there, the actors go to rehearsal off-camera and then rehearse on-camera a few times prior to shooting the actual scene. It usually takes four to eight takes and then the actors go on a lunch break.

They come back and shoot one or two more scenes before the actors are sent back to the trailers to head home. 

“A typical filming day can last up to 12 hours and its really mentally and physically draining, but its non-stop fun, and I love it.” said O’Hara. “I hope I can land one more big role and get my acting career going to set me up for my life and live out my dream.”