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Waldorf Rolls into Roller City for Some Skating Fun

Murad Hazhibayev and Nonalita Abbott flashing their smiles while skating. (Photo by Barbara Romero) 

By Suyaishar Sebastian

On March 27, SWAT organized a roller-skating trip to Roller City as a fun weekend event for students to enjoy and de-stress.

Students were given free transportation to and from the location along with pizza and beverages to chow down heartily. Approximately 120 students attended the event in Mason City with their friends or teammates to enjoy the up-beat music and used skating as a form of expressing themselves by dancing on roller skates.

“The main goal of the event was to bring students together and give them a chance to enjoy time outside of class,” said Jennet Gurdova, Student Activities Coordinator and sophomore business major. “We wanted them to spend their weekend in a fun and interactive way.”

Though event planning has been challenging for many clubs and organizations on campus due to COVID-19, most clubs like SWAT are still managing to plan different types of events on campus for students to enjoy.

“We’ve been following the rules and regulations of the places we take students and plan accordingly to that,” Gurdova added.

Events like these play a big role in community building among Waldorf students while simultaneously creating a sense of belong amidst them. Freshman biology major and defensive player for Warrior Ice Hockey team, Blake Speidel, thinks it is crucial for students to find the balance between social time and hitting the books.

“It provides an opportunity for students to relax, relieve stress and enjoy college life,” Speidel said.

 Tori-Ann Francis, a sophomore business major, claimed it was her first time roller skating in the United States.

“It was also my birthday and the SWAT and Roller City team made it extra special,” Francis said. “Overall, it was a great experience.”

With the Roller-Skating event turnout, SWAT is looking forward to organizing several other events like SEAL Awards Night, De-Stress Day events, Mall of America trips, as well as ice skating by the end of this semester.