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Waldorf Professor Shares Life Experiences with his Students

Professor Battarai posing in front of a city skyline.

By: Austin Siegal

Professor Bahrat Battarai is one of the unique members of the biology department at Waldorf University.

Professor Bahrat has been lucky enough to travel the globe and study his passion for the sciences and is excited to bring those experiences along with him to Waldorf. 

“I always loved to share my experience and knowledge with others, and always loved teaching and interacting with the students. The small college size and rural setting of Waldorf attracted me and reminded me of my childhood memory.“ said Battarai.

Professor Bahrat grew up in a small village in eastern Nepal where the beautiful himalayan mountain range was visible from his home as a child. He surprisingly grew up without any electricity in his village and they didn’t even have any roads either.

Thai also included not having running water. As a child, he and the members of his village got their water from natural fresh springs. 

“We grew up without cellphones as well of course… so that means no Facebook or Twitter!” joked Battarai.

Battarai was a child of farmers and even though his father was not formally educated, Bahrat was lucky enough to have one of the best schools in the entire country right by his childhood village. His uncle was actually a chemistry professor at the nearby University and this is where he received his first taste of chemistry and instantly became fascinated.

When he went off to college, he began to study at all kinds of Universities all over the country and even the world. 

He was gifted the opportunity to study in countries such as South Korea, Canada and the University of Connecticut in the United States of course. After doing several years of research at the universities, Bahrat realized his true passion through it all.

He finally decided to enter into his teaching career and has never looked back. He joins Waldorf for his third year now and enjoys the relationships he has built and looks forward to creating many more in the near future.