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Waldorf jazz band debuts at student recital

Jeffrey Hartnett was one of the student performers during the recital. Photo by Darien Walsh

Jeffrey Hartnett was one of the student performers during the Waldorf College Jazz Band performance. Photo by Darien Walsh

By Darien Walsh

March 3, the Waldorf College Jazz Band performed for the first time this year. The band, comprised of seven members under the instruction of Dr. Glen Wegge, an Associate professor of music, performed during the student recital.

Wegge teaches music theory and also instructs the jazz band.

“It’s the first public performance for the Waldorf Jazz,” says Wegge. “The students will play historical pieces and do solos. We will also be playing a song featuring a guest composer.”

The students have been rehearsing all year, learning about different jazz artists and practicing different styles of jazz.

Austin Lich, drummer for the jazz band, was excited for the performance.

“It’s kind of a big deal,” said Lich. “It’s exciting. Jazz is my favorite.” As the drummer, Lich is also presented with other challenges. Lich is in charge of, or pushes, the beat to keep the tempo and to keep the band from falling apart. He and the bass player Daniel Hernandez are vital to the band.

Also performing at the recital was “The Funk,” a small group comprised of Lich on drums, Zach Brown on guitar, and Daniel Hernandez on bass.

“It’ll be really good,” said Dr. Wegge. “Don’t miss them.”