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Waldorf Honors Scott Pitcher among inductees into Athletic Hall of Fame

Newborn Scott Pitcher is held by his dad while wearing a baseball glove. Photo by Pitcher family

By: Diana Stetson

Scott Pitcher has attended plenty of Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremonies as the Director of Admissions at Waldorf University, but this year will be an extra special event.

The 1993 Warrior alumnus and former American Baseball Coaches Association First-Team All-American will attend this year’s induction ceremony on Nov. 2 as one of the honored guests, joining former Warrior golfer Valeria Cogollo Martinez and softball pitcher Jenny Schweikert Gilbertson as the Hall of Fame Class of 2018.

“I was surprised when I found out I was going to be inducted,” Pitcher said. “I’ve been a part of these processes, and I’ve seen many of the classes that were inducted and there are some outstanding men and women in them. When Denny Jerome told me [I was selected] I was very, very excited.

“I did enjoy my time here, and I got to play ball and we did really well, but I didn’t think that I was in that class with some of the people that have inducted already,” he added.

Jerome, Waldorf’s Director of Athletics and chair of the Hall of Fame selection committee, has known Pitcher since he was a baseball player in the early 90s for the Warriors. However, he’s gotten to know him even better as Pitcher spent 10 years as an assistant baseball coach at Waldorf, and the past 15 years serving his alma mater.

“It always feels good when you know somebody [being inducted] and when they’re so deserving,” Jerome said. “It’s rewarding to see their appreciation for this induction ceremony.

“Scott’s got the whole package—from high school to his days at Waldorf, and beyond Waldorf as well. And he came back to Waldorf as an administrator and has been a great representative in that capacity as well.”

Jerome outlined the process for induction into the Waldorf Athletic Hall of Fame, now in its twenty-first year.

Anyone can nominate former student-athletes, coaches, staff, or anyone who has contributed significantly to Warrior Athletics. There’s currently a list of about 70 future candidates, and a committee of seven people votes each year to honor three to five new Hall of Fame members.

“All three of the individuals [chosen] this year are All-Americans, which makes them very worthy of this award,” Jerome said. “Three good people who we’re looking forward to having inducted.”

Gilbertson is a 1986 Waldorf graduate and 1986 NJCAA All-American softball pitcher who also returned and served as an assistant coach for 15 season with the Warriors.

Cogollo is a 2009 Warrior graduate and a three-time NAIA All-American golfer who won the Midwest Collegiate Conference title in 2006, the Mid-West Regional title in 2008, and finished in the Top 30 in the nation in 2008.

Pitcher was a star athlete at Mason City High School, who excelled at Waldorf and finished his collegiate playing career at Wayland Baptist in Plainview, Texas.

He went on to a few tryouts after college, but a professional baseball career never happened. He returned to his alma mater where he’s had a major impact for Waldorf ever since.

“I always wanted to play baseball as long as I could, and I enjoyed it,” Pitcher said. “I had great opportunities after college and had a couple different tryouts and stuff, but never really matriculated into being drafted, so I thought ‘Well, I’m done with that and I’m going to move on with my life.’

“The athletics are great—it helps you get to college—but it’s just a part of that journey, it’s part of that step,” he added. “It’s really [about] the people. It’s not always what you know, it’s who you know. And that athletic department allows you to build those relationships.”

Of course, Pitcher always knew he was meant to be a ballplayer.

“I know there’s a picture of my father and myself [where] he brought me home from the hospital and he put a baseball glove on my hand,” Pitcher said. “Even before I could walk I was throwing and hitting.

“I think it was fourth grade and I had to write what I was going to do in 10 or 15 years, and I said go to college on a baseball scholarship. I knew I was going to do that.”

A youthful goal that has landed Pitcher in the Hall of Fame.