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Waldorf Gaming Experience looking to level up!

By Kyle Ennis

Magic: The Gathering, one of the many games members of the Waldorf Gaming Experience play. Photo courtesy of DreamHack.

The Waldorf Gaming Experience (WGE) is a new organization on campus. Starting last spring, they’ve made big strides in reaching students to join the club. They have many plans to expand the organization, including gaming related events but they’re still looking for more students and help!

The Waldorf Gaming Experience currently has a competitive League of Legends team on campus. eSports is a very large and ever-expanding business, and collegiate eSports has just recently became fairly mainstream. Gabriel Munoz-Labaleta, president of the organization, plans on recruiting students on collegiate eSports scholarships with help from the school. Students could possibly be recruited for their time, dedication and talent in games like Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. While they have plans on stepping into collegiate eSports, there’s still plenty of room and fun times for casual players as well.

A majority of the members play games casually. Students play games such as Super Smash Bros. and Apex Legends, as well as card games like Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon: The Trading Card Game. Sara Vettleson-Trutza, member of the club, says that the club was created for people to connect and make friendships through gaming. “Even if you’re an introvert, if you see someone playing a game you can sit and talk with them about it for hours,” Sara said.

The organization plans on connecting people and making these friendships by organizing gaming events. Last school year they hosted a Mario Kart event to great success and plan on hosting a possible Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Beat Saber event, with tables also set up for table-top board and card games.

However, they still need more support from students and members of the community. If one play games casually or competitively and is looking for people to game with or a hobby to pick up, they should look into joining the Waldorf Gaming Experience!