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The Waldorf Bookstore gets a Facelift

The Waldorf Bookstore’s display window showcases the clothes and other materials one can buy to show off their school spirit.

By Naomi Alvarez

Students and staff on the Waldorf University campus have been waiting to learn the updated name of the Waldorf Bookstore.

Although no new names have been released to the public, Waldorf Bookstore Director, Karla Schaeffer, has confirmed that the name change is occurring because the bookstore will no longer be selling books.

However, it will still allow online orders to ship to the on-campus location for student pickup. The campus store will still be selling items such as LinkedIn Learning subscription cards, Time Magazine subscriptions, and other online sources that are necessary for many communications courses.

Schaeffer said “the name change is at a stall right now” and that there will also be a new logo for the bookstore.

While a survey was sent to on-campus students regarding the name change, “currently marketing is in charge of the new bookstore name,” Schaeffer said.

The campus store will continue to do the buyback sale every semester and order their books from the MBS company (Missouri Direct Book System).

 The buyback sale is available in store at the end of the semester on any books bought from the bookstore or other suppliers. Waldorf student and part-time bookstore assistant, Kaylee Schuermann, said “you can get back more money from the bookstore during the buyback sales compared to Amazon.”