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Waldorf begins search for new Dean of Education

Photo by Jaci Olson

Photo by Jaci Olson

By Jaci Olson

Waldorf College is in the process of interviewing for a new Dean  of Education. There is an interview committee consisting of about seven people in charge of finding a new Dean.

Dean David Behling has been the interim vice president for academic affairs for two years. Now he is planning on going back to teaching. He teaches a variety of courses in humanities.

Chair of the committee, Dr. Suzanne Falck-Yi says they have already conducted email questionnaires and phone interviews. The two interviewees will be on campus and they hope to conclude the search in March. Falck-Yi said, “We look forward to having a new academic Dean in place sometime in June. We hope to find a strong candidate with a passion for education, and an administrator who puts the needs of students first.” Falck-Yi says the dates the interviewees will be at Waldorf are Feb. 18-19 and Feb. 25-26.

Dr. Becky Hill, faculty chair member of the interview committee said, “We will be having a Higher Learning Commission (HLC) coming in 2017 to visit us. So I know Dean Behling will be helping with assessments and everything is ready for that because he has a lot of experience there.” Hill added, “My hope is that the new Dean will be able to balance the needs of the online graduate students and also the academic parts and co-curricular parts and helping keep that balance.”