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Waldorf Alumni Association: Keeping and Making Connections

By Hannah Wagner

WAA Des Moines event this past Summer

When students graduate from Waldorf, they automatically become a part of what is called the Waldorf Alumni Association (WAA), giving them a connection between fellow Waldorf graduates and a place to connect.

The tangible benefits that come from being part of the WAA include a free subscription to Waldorfs monthly newsletter, access to the Waldorf Magazine, access to social networking events, 10% tuition discount to continue on with a Master’s Degree through Waldorf University (with a $500 scholarship for family members who want to enroll), and access to employment opportunities through the Waldorf Career Center.

The benefits that are not tangible include the ability to stay connected to Waldorf and make new connections.

Hannah Earll, Alumni Director at Waldorf University, oversees the Board of Directors, plans the WAA quarterly meetings and all WAA-sponsored events throughout the year.

“The mission of the WAA is to encourage and cultivate lifelong Waldorf relationships that provide mutual benefit to alumni, students and the university through active alumni involvement, meaningful communication and enthusiastic commitment to the Waldorf mission and vision.” Earll says. 

The majority of the events that the WAA puts on are Midwest based, being that is where most Waldorf Alumni reside. This year that included a happy hour for alumni, a Waldorf hockey game and an iCubs game in Des Moines.

On top of that, the WAA goes as far as Arizona and Southern Florida to reach alumni in the south.

“These chapters provide opportunities for Waldorf alumni who live far away from campus to connect with and meet fellow members of the Warrior family, even if they aren’t able to travel all the way back to Forest City.” Earll says.

Ultimately, the WAA was created to get Alumni to stay connected to the school and to each other and make connections between past and present students.

“In today’s busy world, it can be easy to take for granted the people and the places that have had such an impact on us.” Earll says.

“Through the Waldorf Alumni Association, we hope to help alumni both maintain and cultivate new relationships with fellow Warriors in order to not only help them grow personally, but to provide professional networking opportunities as well.”