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Wal TV Gets a Makeover

By: Victoria Carra

With a new program director and station manager, Wal TV will be having a lot of changes this semester.
Junior Tyra Brown has taken over for Preston Landon as he graduated at semester; so, Brown is now the program director for Wal TV. Junior Karissa Vetch has taken over for Anthony Romualdo as well to take on the position of station manager. They are working together to make the station their own.

Vetch is excited for some of the new changes. “I am looking forward to putting more of a variety out there for students,” said Vetch. “In the past it has been mostly just music videos, and as we revamped the system. We added in PSA’s, short documentaries, Waldorf student’s own production and much more. It’s very exciting; our control room has recently been redone, [and] we are working with some of the highest technology and equipment to provide the best channel for Waldorf.”

Wal TV is working with two communications classes as well, television production and broadcast journalism, to make a live show every Monday, where they will show projects that the two classes have made in the past week.

Another big change the station will have is who is on the screen. “Some big changes to keep an eye out for would be maybe seeing yourself on screen,” said Vetch. “My fellow communications’ students are working weekly on creating new videos as they reach out to other students for talent–it could be you! We are adding more videos across the board and trying to focus on getting some different faces on the screen.”

Programming Director Tyra Brown has also been hard at work. “I have been spending the past few weeks sorting through our content and making sure we are showing videos that are exactly what Karissa and I have planned,” said Brown.

“My vision and passion is to nurture our leaders and create a well-running station by working as a team,” said Vetch. “I have a year and a half left to bring some changes into Wal TV, and I wouldn’t be able to do all of these new things without the help from my leaders in the station and fellow communications’ students. We all want to give the best station to our students, and [I] hope with these new changes we are following that idea.”

Wal TV is broadcast locally on Channel 55, and the live broadcasts every Monday night can be streamed live on the Wal TV website.