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Upcoming Cribs Short Film (Preview)

By Bela Ruiz

On Thursday Feb. 22nd,  a crew of seven people will gather together to create a Cribs short film.

Andrew May, Bela Ruiz, Erisha Menon, Morgan Roberts, Danica Cheney, Tyra Brown and Conrad Bascom will take their rolls to produce a short film called Cribs. Cribs is a type of film where someone is selected to show off their home to the audience. In this case, the theme is the communications lab located on the second floor of Thoreson Hall of Waldorf University.

The communications department consist of about five main areas that are not necessarily considered classrooms. The hallways, are where a lot of communication majors hangout or do homework. The edit suite where only communication majors have access, allows them to have their personal time to get work done or have access to programs that the other Mac’s may not have. Next, the communications lab where all of the other Mac’s are located, is where a few classes take place but is open to anyone taking classes that is required in this lab, but it’s also used for students who need to work on homework or projects and have access to go in at any time of the day. The radio station is where communication majors have the ability to work with live events, produce radio shows, etc. Finally, the TV station, which is unfortunately under construction, is the area where comm majors will be able to produce weekly news stories on air and on TV.

A script is written, by Andrew May, for five people to explain their area of expertise. These people are in these areas of the communications department a lot more than they should be so in other words it’s considered their “second home.”

Erisha Menon, a communications major, spends a lot of her time in the lab. She shares what she does on the days that she is in the lab “I am almost there everyday. Even on weekends sometimes. I am always doing my homework or editing. Doing all four tracks requires a lot of time. If it’s not work, I usually take time to update my website or edit photos of my previous photo shoots/projects.” Being that this is a place that gives access to comm majors, the place can get a little busy and distracting, “the one way that helps me focus and not get distracted is my favorite Sony headphones which is noise canceling. I usually play some music and just focus on what I got to do,” Erisha said.  Usually, a lot of people who use the communications lab prefer a certain computer for a couple different reasons and Erisha mentions her own, “I usually sit at computer 12 and there’s several reasons why. First, most of my files are there so it is easy to access them. It is also closer to the printer. Since it is in the corner, I will also have less distraction.

The final product to make this film, was written and will be directed by Andrew May. Being that this won’t be the first time for Andrew he says, “I come with script ideas easily, but the key is finding a script in which your group can possibly shoot.” Writing and directing is a creative process that Andrew likes to do but he mentions some of his other interest, “I really enjoy directing and writing for film, but I guess I just love creating in general. I enjoy painting, 3D modeling, shading, composting, making playing and creating music, but yes I really enjoy writing and directing because it is a way for me to be creative. ”

Making a short film isn’t necessarily easy, even if it’s just about a minute long, ” I am hoping that we get good footage. If we do that, everything should fall into place,” Andrew says. Also being the editor to create the final version of the film, Andrew gives his opinion about editing, “The difficult thing about editing is working with bad footage and trying to make the best of what you have, but, I guess, it is also the fun part because seeing it come together into something that people may enjoy is always enjoyable. Overall, I really enjoy editing. I do it all the time, and it is something I consider myself great at doing.”