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Tyra Brown trying out for Raven’s cheer team

Tyra Brown with veteran cheerleader mentor. Photo by Victoria Carra

Tyra Brown with veteran cheerleader mentor. Photo by Victoria Carra

By Victoria Carra

Most students are going to the beach or somewhere relaxing for spring break, but Tyra Brown is using this break to go after one of her biggest dreams. She will be trying out to be a cheerleader for the NFL team, the Baltimore Ravens. Brown has been working extremely hard for this tryout and just recently went to Baltimore for a training camp where she was able to meet some of the veteran cheerleaders, and get some tips for try out day.

Dyanna Quisling, Waldorf cheer coach, is excited for Brown to be striving for greatness.

“She has a great set of dance skills, which makes her a great candidate for the Ravens,” Quisling said.

Although, most of Brown’s teammates will miss her terribly, they all hope for her to do her best and make the team. One of Brown’s closest friends, and fellow teammate, Brinna Rollefson, has been by her side from the beginning.

“It’s really awesome to see where she was and how far she’s come,” Rollefson said. “I know there has been some really stressful times, but she has been able to push through. I can’t wait to see how far this takes her. I am a very proud best friend.”

Brown has been training for an opportunity like this all her life; she did all star cheer and has competed for most of her life. She has found a real passion for this sport, and is ready to try and take it farther.

“Since I was a little girl I’ve always dreamed about trying out for a pro team,” Brown said. “I feel like getting the opportunity to showcase my talents to a panel of judges and veterans is beyond a dream come true. Make it or not, I’ll always remember the journey and what I learned about myself throughout this process.”

Brown will be trying out during spring break, and no matter what happens she will always be a warrior.