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Top Ten Spring Break Desinations

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By Taylen Alexander

It’s almost that time of year again: spring break is only a week away and picking a destination can be a difficult task. Here are the top 10 spring break destinations to choose from:

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico—Cabo San Lucas has a bunch of attractions and all-inclusive resorts. The resorts are right on the beach, so tourists can take a few steps from the pool and are then on the beach.

Las Vegas, Nevada—Las Vegas is the place to be on spring break if you are 21 and older. Las Vegas is the place you go if you’re looking for great weather and a lot of things to do with your friends. One of the main attractions to Vegas is the casinos. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Cancun, Mexico—Cancun is another resort that can be very relaxing, but also has a lot of room to have fun for college kids. There will be a lot of live events taking place over the month of March in Cancun.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida—Ft. Lauderdale has been the hottest spring break spot for the past two years. There are live events, parks and tons of people. Tourists are also able to visit the Lauderdale Beach. If travelers are looking to interact with people and have a lot of fun, this is their place.

Panama City, Florida—Panama City has everything you want for a spring break destination, including beach parties and live music. Some of tourist’s favorite artists could be there, so they should make sure to check it out.

South Padre Island, Texas—South Padre experiences its greatest amount of visitors throughout the month of March. There are many packages tourists can buy for a week on South Padre Island. Visitors can experience fishing, shopping, spas and so much more.

Miami, Florida—Many tourists believe Miami is a great place to go any time of the year. The weather is typically nice for tourists, allowing for perfect days to go to the beach. Visitors can go to Little Havana, Zoo Miami, Everglades National Park and more.

Arizona, United States—Another spring break destination is the state of Arizona. Home of the Grand Canyon, Arizona hosts many tourists with a passion for nature. Visitors are able to go hiking, as well as visit various museums and parks.

Los Angeles, California— Los Angeles, also known as the City of Stars, is appealing for big-city tourists. Visitors can attend the Santa Monica Pier, Grand Central Market and Walt Disney Concert Hall. Tourists can also spend time in Hollywood and visit the iconic Hollywood sign.

-Gulf Shores, Alabama—Gulf Shores has been one of the longest lasting spring break destinations. If students are searching for warm weather and a great getaway, this is their place. Visitors can go to beaches, trails and parks.