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Top 10 Ways to Survive Second Winter

Shannon Clark grieves April 3rd’s new fallen snow in Forest City, Iowa. Photo courtesy of Diana Humble

By: Diana Humble

If you go to college in the Midwest, then you know what I’m talking about when I say “second winter.” Second winter is the period that comes after the week of fake spring in March, but before the mud week at the end of April. Here are ten tips to get you through second winter and tide you over until true spring.

1. Coffee

“Sometimes I visit the Warrior Crossing for some warm, or cold—depending on my mood, coffee. Stopping into the Crossing gives me some warm coffee and warm smiles from the kind workers.”  Shannon Clark said.

2. Stay Indoors

“I always have a hat, mittens and blanket in my car at all times, but my recommendation is to just stay inside.” Danica Cheney said.

3. Have a spa day

The cold winds of winter have a nasty habit of dehydrating your skin, so to remedy this make sure to take some time for your complexion. Whether it be in the form of a new moisturizer or a face mask night with friends, don’t forget to treat yourself.

4. Cozy on up in a onesie

“If it’s my day off and it’s freezing out. I’ll turn the heat up, put on my Pikachu onesie, and just sit back and enjoy a little bit of Netflix or Hulu.” Alexander Burns said.

5. Find some happy music

“Music is something that I often use to lift my mood in the morning. That keeps me going throughout the whole day. Spotify has a “Happy music” playlist. Usually that’s what I trust and listen to.” Guzel Tuhbatullina said.

6. Get some Vitamin D

Winters bring dreary overcast skies in tandem with the cold temperatures, so if you’re feeling lethargic and more stressed consider picking up a Vitamin D supplement. Not only does this combat seasonal depression, but it also reduces your risk of catching the flu.

7. Get some exercise

It’s tough to muster the energy to roll out of your comfy dorm bed only to brave the cold and work out, but the benefits are definitely worth it. Exercise produces endorphins They’re sometimes referred to as the brain’s “feel-good” chemicals, and are the body’s natural painkillers. They help to lift your mood and fight seasonal depression.

8. Find a springtime activity to look forward to

Research has proven that simply anticipating something you enjoy makes you happy, so pick a springtime activity to look forward to when the snow melts away. Whether it be walking dogs at the local animal shelter or attending a university baseball game, pick an activity and mark it on your calendar for the beginning of May.

9. Eat your comfort foods

Dreary April days have a way of messing with your mood, so why not lift your spirits with some of your favorite foods? Stir up a batch of mac n cheese or pot of spaghetti and make you roommate’s day. Think of warming, satisfying dishes that’ll help stave off the cold.

10. Have fun and see friends!

Without all the pressure of wanting to be everywhere and anywhere at once that comes along with the summer months, spend some quality time with your closest friends during the winter and let them warm your spirit.